My Superbowl

I’ve been throwing Oscars parties for years now, and am proud to say I’ve thrown them on three different continents.  Despite living in a primarily uninhabited pine forest, I decided this year to do one anyway!  It’s my version of the Superbowl, after all.

Here’s the menu (the border is a bit strange due to the peculiarities of my printer), and hopefully I’ll have a few good pics of the food to share too.  I wish more loved ones could come, but for some reason the damned Academy always has these things on Sundays.

Oscars 2012 - Menu

One thought on “My Superbowl

  1. There were pictures of SOME stuff. I did not have the where withall to take pictures of everything..mainly becasue I was eating it. Hey…I like food..what can I say!!! It was sooo delish. Droool…

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